Disney Magic Kingdoms

I had the pleasure of working as a Senior Motion Designer on Disney Magic Kingdoms!
Disney Magic Kingdoms is a simulation game that lets players create their very own magical kingdom with fantastical rides and hundreds of Disney, Pixar, and Star Wars characters!
With over 50 million downloads and a vibrant community of active players, I’ve had the opportunity to drum up excitement with existing players and bring in new ones too.
My roles as Senior Motion Designer ranged from animating videos for social media, researching and applying new animation techniques for User Aquisition Ads, directing and animating game trailers, and collaborating with the development teams to help brainstorm new game content.


I created multiple trailers for DMK’s updates over the years! The tasks often involved working closely with marketing and game artists to create videos that would showcase the new game content and reflect the narrative and quests.
We’d work together with the game designers and production artists to brainstorm iconic moments in Disney franchises we could feature. Then I would work with the Marketing team to create a script, storyboard, gameplay recordings, custom text animations and dynamic scenes! Assembled together in Premier and After Effects to create a compelling trailer.

User Acquisition

I was tasked with creating ads to run and test on ongoing campaigns across a wide variety of networks including Meta(Instagram, Facebook), Adwords, Snapchat and Tiktok.
I created performing assets by analyzing trends using Sensortower, rigorously testing iterations of my ads and keeping up with a monthly schedule of new concepts to try.
Here is a sample of some of the top performers!

This ad showcases Disney Magic Kingdoms visitor wish system where players can grant visitor requests for specific rides, when you place the right attraction the visitors will ride it and reward the player! This ad incorporated additional elements like emoji reactions and additional UI to communicate correct and incorrect choices to make the actions and consequences more readable! This video performed well on Adwords, it helped reduce the Cost per Install and improved User Acquisition Scale.

Disney Magic Kingdoms features not only iconic Disney heroes, but the villains of their films as well! This ad's goal was to showcase the dynamic interactions they have with one another. Many character combinations were tested and Iterated- including Ariel vs Ursula, Aurora vs Maleficent, Bell vs Gaston, and Hercules vs Hades. Simba vs Scar was the Iteration that came out on top!

The following is one of DMK’s top performers on facebook to date! The goal was to create a simplified character collection sequence with fail and win scenarios. It explored various intentions and IP’s, with the Fail Iteration performing the best.

Social Media

Together with the GCM’s (Game Community Managers) I helped create a wide variety of videos for Disney Magic Kingdoms social media pages.
My favorite projects involved informing current and future players alike of the upcoming content each month.
This entailed animating videos of our character lineups, Live Streams with the game community managers playing the game accompanied by animated informative overlays, and custom quizzes at the start with prizes for those who tuned in!

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