Lego Blocks 3d Mock-up

You.i TV Project Reward Blocks

These are a series of illustrations and mockups I made for You.I TV. This was an internal project to reward their many diverse teams with a commemorative keepsake to celebrate various project and studio milestones. The lego blocks could be appreciated on their own, or stacked and combined however the employee saw fit. Each block would have art to reflect the milestone their team had achieved, for example- shipping the FOX Play app, or yearly blocks to give out each year to everyone as a milestone.

  • Year Block 2010
  • Year Block 2011
  • Year Block 2013
  • Year Block 2014
  • Year Block 2015
  • Year Block 2017
  • Customer Success Block
  • Direct TV Set Top Box Block
  • Fox Play App Block
  • Turner Block