LocalNow Player

LocalNow is a streaming video service, providing viewers with hyper-local weather, traffic, news and sports reports. When developing their cross platform app I had the opportunity to work on the animations for the player. There were numerous considerations and challenges to account for. Firstly I needed to build buttons to control the stream that accounted for various kinds of inputs from the user, depending what platform they were on. The animations needed to be visible under the touch of a fingerprint(mobile/touch devices), focus/hoverable for 10ft platforms, and long enough to communicate to the user that their input has been registered. Animations accounted for a variety of interactions and situations such as pressing+holding, and toggling on and off states (Play/Pause buttons). All animations followed a unified theme of horizontal movements and sliding, designed to give energy to the interactions and work with the established LocalNow brand.

Application developed by You.I TV

UX/UI design by Tracy Liam

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